Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Concert Review: Flaming Lips and Franz Ferdinand

I went to see Franz Ferdinand last week. Quite crowded and hot! Here are a few shots that I got from the show. I was pretty far back so they're not amazing, but still fun shots.

The show was pretty cool. They played mostly their new songs, which I'm not into as much as the others, so I only knew about 1/2 of the songs. But there was a lot of good energy in the room.
Towards the end they did an electronic jam for about 20-25 minutes and we all got bored and left. :\ The rest of the show was really great though.

I also saw the Flaming Lips a couple weeks ago. Overall it was such a fun show. You can't help but smile when these big canons blow out tons of confetti and they release giant balloons out into the crowd. They had a crew of dancing bunnies and chickens up on stage and visually it was just incredibly stunning. (not my picture, but great shot!)
There were down sides: the sound was really weak, especially the vocals. And some of my favorites, like Yoshimi, were sung with only vocals and keyboards, not the full band, which was a little disappointing. But the beginning and end of the concert were so invigorating that it made up for the down sides.

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this kid said...

wow. flaming lips! i have dreams of seeing them live! i'm actually collecting flaming lips vibe in a jar from everyone i meet who sees them live. no, i'm serious. i think it will help the universe make it happen for me! if you ever come to visit jenni's office, we must shake hands!

franz are great live. i keep catching them open for others on accident so my intention has never been to enjoy them, but i'm always pleasantly surprised.