Monday, November 02, 2009

More hikes and Meet Rita...


Rita is our new pup. She's about 2 months old and she's a Rottweiler mix (probably with German Shepherd?). She's super mellow for a pup and is starting to learn the potty training process. Training is tough, but hopefully we'll be good at it. We've been having a blast with her.


If you take the 101 west to Las Virgenes Rd and go north a couple miles, there's a peaceful walk with rolling hills and beautiful oak trees. I'm guessing that the loop I did with Rita was about 5 miles, but I'm not sure. We had a splendid time and she stayed right by me the whole time. She loves being outdoors off the leash!

And then there's Runyon Canyon, which we took her to on Saturday and Monday morning:

It's just a couple miles from where we live and a perfect place to socialize the pup with other people and other dogs. Above is a map with three routes. The red is the main route. The easiest way is to go up the paved route and down the side with stairs. I suggest going up the stairs (via Fuller St entrance), it feels like a better workout. The blue path is the most challenging. Such a fun hike, but definitely not one to do in extreme heat. The yellow path is a steep cliff of loose gravel where you travel about a yard in 6 steps because you're slipping so much. My brother and I did that together once. I wouldn't suggest this path to anyone. However, Runyon is a great place to go for some views of the city and a good hour-long workout.

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