Monday, December 14, 2009


"I don't know what it is, but I like it." This was once said to me, and I've been thinking about it lately. Such a simple statement, but I find I can relate. I like something and really have no desire to figure out why or find an explanation. I just like it. Not that this is bad, but I've been trying to explore reasoning behind some things. Might as well start with the small things:

Thanks to coworker Kyle Johnson and his wife Jen, Sam and I got to see Morrissey at the Ventura Theater this past Friday. I saw Morrissey last year for my anniversary at the Palladium in Hollywood, but the Ventura Theater was small and an amazing place to see such an artist. If you're unfamiliar with Morrissey, he is a British singer/songwriter whose sexuality has always been a mystery. Reportedly "asexual," he is able to seamlessly sport femininity and masculinity, sometimes reminding me of Elvis, other times of George Clooney. He is cocky and charming, romantically swelling lyrics such as "Leave me alone, I'm only singing" or "You're the one for me, fatty. You're the one I really, really love." Above is a video of the song he opened with (not the same venue or year, even), originally one of The Smiths hits, the well-known 80's alt. rock band. I think the thing I like most about Morrissey shows, besides feeling like I'm being serenaded, is the audience. The wide variety of fans are united with these shows: dancing, arms flying, singing along to every song. It is quite an experience.
Morrissey surprisingly only played for an hour on Friday night, so Sam and I went back to Kyle and Jen's house and had a blast having drinks and talking til 1am. They are such a great couple and wonderful company. So, many thanks to the Johnson's for one of the best nights I've had in a while!

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