Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A hike to view the city of Eagle Rock

(Rita and Eagle Rock)

Not sure if this hike has a name, but just east of the 2 fwy and 134 fwy interchange is a trail of rocks to climb to get up to a trail that leads to Sleepy Hollow Road, which turns into Scholl Canyon Road, and which I'm hoping leads to the actual Eagle Rock. I just had enough time to climb up the mountain to the start of the trail and back down, but I plan on doing this hike again soon, maybe this weekend. You either take the Holly Dr. exit off the 2 fwy S and go Left, or 134 E, exit Harvey and turn L, R on Holly. You can walk the 3-mile width of the beautiful town which I now proudly reside in. And then heading back to the start will make it a good 6-7 mile hike. :) I'll update when I do more of the hike, but in the meantime, here are some pics from my cell phone:

looking over the north side of the mountain

the 2 North

the beginning of the main trail, facing east

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