Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Photo of the Week #51

Sam and I went to Larkins this past Wednesday. It is a southern cooking joint in Eagle Rock. Slightly higher prices, but absolutely delicious and great for date night. I stuck with the classic oven-baked mac-n-cheese, which was fantastic. It was also just really nice to converse and laugh and have a nice time together. We found out later that night that our server was one of our friend's girlfriends. What a small world...
Anyway, I highly recommend checking out Larkins for some great southern food!

At lunch today, I realized I hadn't taken any photos this week for my photo of the week, so I went to a nearby trail and got some shots to share with you. This trail is called Serrania Ridge Trail, just west of Serrania Avenue Park in Woodland Hills.

Photo of the Week:
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