Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fat Man's Loop, Flagstaff, AZ

Easter weekend, we took a trip to AZ. I got to hang out with my brother in Phoenix, and my friend Erin and her family. I also got to see my youngest brother play baseball at Yavapai. Then we spent Sunday morning with my parents and a lot of time with Sam's family. It was wonderful. I took an hour break to do a trail run with Rita. It is at the base of Mt. Elden called Fat Man's Loop. It was a great workout and quite beautiful:
Mt Elden:

Rita had a blast. She's an amazing outdoor companion. I've stopped taking Bo if I'm hiking alone because if he gets off the leash, he runs away. And he's much more difficult to control: We bought a leash called a "Gentle Leader" that's done miracles with walking him. He is a wonderful cuddly indoor dog, but not the easiest dog outdoors. However, Rita is the ultimate hiking companion.

The town of Flagstaff. It was such a beautiful day!

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