Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Millenium Biltmore, Downtown Los Angeles

While downtown, Sam, Jenni, Jonny and I explored the Millenium Biltmore hotel, which is apparently where the Black Dahlia was last seen alive. It is also where some Academy Awards shows were held. It is a beautiful building. It's so hard to choose just a few, but here are some of my favorite shots...

Biltmore LA

Biltmore LA

Can anyone name all the symbols on this clock?
Biltmore LA

This was taken with a long exposure while simultaneously zooming out.
Biltmore LA

Biltmore bar

Relaxing to the jazz band at the bar. I had one of their signature manhattans (I think it was called Central Park Manhattan), and it was incredible!
jazz band at Biltmore bar

Sam in Biltmore

Biltmore LA

gated door

Pillow spin




Jenni said...

Love the pictures! So good! I'm going to post this entry to my fb page.

Kristin said...

i like you. you like me.