Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Santa Barbara Hike: Cold Spring Trail

Cold Springs Trailhead
Two Sundays ago, I had the joy of spending the day with the Johnsons, hiking Cold Spring Trail in Santa Barbara. We didn't make it to the base of the waterfall because there was a lot of steep rock climbing towards the end, but it was still beautiful.

hiking with the Johnsons

Pretty greenery

Sunny trail

Purple Flowers

Orange flowers

Rita on Trail

Jen and Bridget, hugs

Rita girl


Photo courtesy of Bridget:
Kristin and Jen

and another, she's a great photographer!
Triangle Rock

Cold Springs creek

Rita tempted to jump

Rita from above

Bridget turning pipe control

One of my favorites:
cascading waterfall

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Shawn said...

Makes me wanna go check this place out!