Friday, December 23, 2011

House Pictures

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Our home remodel has taken up a lot of our time over the last two years, and I've had several people ask about pictures, so here's a post of our home in it's current state. Still much to do, but the walls are all up! ;)
Dining Room:

Original Hutch:
Living Room:


Complete with dirty dog bowls:

(tub and a stand-up shower, divine!)

The screen-print below was bought from my dear friend Colleen Murphy:

Hallway: laundry and handmade chalkboard, office to the right:

Guest room/TV room:


Front of house (new windows, door and siding)
 (patio work is up next!)

Before siding:
After siding:

I love having lemon trees:

Vegetable garden with basil, tomato, peppers, garlic and green onions:
Outside our front gate:

Mr. Avocado tree, complete with lovely fall colors:

Hope this year has been good to you. It has been full and fulfilling for us!

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Autumn said...

Wow! Your house is beautiful! The last time I saw it, Johnnie was inside doing demo on a wall and it was a mess. What a gorgeous place you guys have created! Beautiful!