Friday, July 09, 2010

Caballero Canyon, Reseda, CA

This is a nice trail close to my work. It is 2 miles south of Ventura on Reseda. There is plenty of street parking. I just used my camera phone for pictures, but I'll still put up a few. There are several trails in Caballero Canyon that you can take. I do the same one everytime.
Also, the path was more overgrown than ever before, so there was a few weeds to whack out of the way.
Nothing spectacular as far as scenery (besides the Encino reservoir and the canyon view), but it makes for a great workout.
It's 3 miles round trip, and the first 1.5 miles is straight uphill. I think you go about 750 ft in elevation. At about 2.5 miles, there is a cool lookout rock that's nice to lay out on and enjoy the view.Bo did NOT want to sun bathe on the lookout rock:
Regarding shade, it's not the friendliest hike. So go at dusk or dawn, or anytime less than 60 degrees out (this is hard for L.A.), or just bring lots of water and get ready to sweat.

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