Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Sandpit, short film by Sam O'Hare

A Day In the Life Of New York City, in miniature:

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Watch this video FIRST, best viewed on full-screen in HD if possible. You will not be disappointed.
Trying to figure out how it's done? Read the article here:

Or some of the highlights... this was a video of over 35,000 photos! Shot over a period of 5 days. The tilt-shift and time lapse effects were added in post. The music was created for the film by a band called Human.

This video is a huge inspiration for me as I'm currently working on a music video for the Idyllists that involves stop-motion photography. It takes SO long... you'll see why once the video is finished... who knows when that will be.

But in addition to this video, I think I'd also like to do another similar photography video with images from Los Angeles. Not exactly like this one, but it is definitely an inspiration. The more I live here the more I love it. Last night I was walking the dogs and ended up chatting with two of our neighbors (two couples) which turned into 3 hours of good conversation over a few glasses of wine. So much for dinner and working out. I had such a great time!

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Jenni said...

wow. that was awesome.