Friday, December 03, 2010

Winchester Mystery House and Oakland Museum

I've been enjoying trying to get artistic photos lately, and also been reading about the Fibonacci ratio (1.618...). Not all the photos below have the "Divine Proportion" but it is neat to see how the ones that do are more pleasing to the eye than those that do not. Here's a few photos from my trip up north that are just for fun:

We went to the Winchester Mystery House:


Let me know if you have a favorite picture!


Jenni said...

i like the copper record and the red car.

reckless daughter said...

Ah! I am so jealous you went to the Winchester House! I've been wanting to go there for ages.

scott davidson said...

Beautiful banner at your site as well, I am reminded of some wall paintings by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, such as this one You browse more murals of his at

Kristin said...

thanks Scott!