Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The moments that took place a year ago defy their own sense of time in my mind. Feeling like only yesterday, and at the same time, feeling like a lifetime ago. So much can happen in a year, but the pain leaves us all crippled at times, leaving me with an undesirable understanding that pain and hope go hand in hand. I don't pretend to go through more pain than others, but I realize that pain is all very real to each of us in our own way. Yet we all know the choking in the throat, the pit in the stomach, and the pain in a broken heart: We're never alone, even though we feel like we are. I've learned more about myself this past year than I've ever learned in any given year in my life. And I get excited when I see myself not resorting back to old habits and actually changing in healthy ways. It's challenging, but beneficial. So here's to my last emotional ranting for a while... and a song I've been listening to lately that is just beautiful:

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