Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vasquez Rocks

Vasquez Rocks is an easy 3-mile hike about an hour from most places in Los Angeles. Best time to go is sunrise or sunset, as you'll see from the pictures I took around 5pm this past Saturday. All the pictures have larger versions if you click on them, so check them out; especially the panoramas! :)
(This panorama was a bit harder to piece together, sorry for the seams.
Used "equalize" in photoshop to get this effect)

As I'm sure you'll recognize, the Vasquez Rocks have been used in many motion pictures and television shows. It was a delightful place to visit. To get there take the 5N to the 14N, exit and turn L on Agua Dolce Canyon Rd. Follow the signs about 2 miles to the park entrance. If you go at sunset, park outside the gate so you don't get locked in.

Lovely Rita and her floppy ear (matches the rocks!).

This was the view from climbing halfway up the main rock.
I loved how the sun cast the color on the rock across from us.

I loved getting this shot of the man standing on the rock. Looks epic.
Thanks dude, whoever you are!

lensbaby photos of the sunset

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