Monday, January 25, 2010

Joseph Arthur Recap

(can't see anything, but such a pretty song)

So I was looking forward to seeing one of my favorite musicians, Joseph Arthur, on Friday, til i went to the website and saw that the show was Saturday, which meant that Sam couldn't go because he had a show in Bakersfield. I was pretty bummed. I got to the show with a friend on Saturday and was told at will call that my tickets were for Friday and I had missed the show and there was nothing I could do. After enough things going wrong this past week (including looking for my lost keys for an hour and a half and having a couple emotional breakdowns), I was on the verge of tears. But I mustered up enough courage to just try to forget about it and go to the show anyway. I was already there and would be even more upset if I didn't get to see him. Luckily I was able to bring my camera in and took some pictures:

I was glad I went. There was even a guest appearance by Ben Harper:

After the show, some guy who had done a film for Joeseph Arthur asked if I could send him the pictures I had taken, then introduced me to the manager and (long story short) I waited around for over an hour to take pictures of the band after the show!! How amazing is that!? So it ended up being a pretty good ending to a frustrating week. Here are some of the band photos:

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Jenni said...

amazing!!! that is so awesome to see pictures. You got some great ones. Way to go!