Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sunset Trail in the Coconino Nat'l Forest, Flagstaff, AZ

This is Flagstaff, AZ. Where I spent Jr High, Highschool, and a year of college. We went back this past weekend for my youngest brother's graduation from HS. We were planning on hiking the Peaks (the mountain above), but it was a bit too snowy. Maybe we will later this summer, when I have plans to go back for my 10-yr HS reunion (yikes!). We ended up hiking near the Peaks, a trail called Sunset Trail. We followed several trails, hoping it would eventually loop back to the start based off of this map. I'm sure we took a short cut somewhere towards the end, but I'm not sure what the trail was, hence the "?" above. It was about 8 miles and moderately difficult, due to the high elevation. Jenni and I took our pups and met up with our friends we've known since highschool: Renee Poginy(currently residing in Flagstaff, finishing her masters in ESL) and Heather Wagner (residing in Phoenix/Tempe, just graduated from ASU).
There was a beautiful lake:
And a grove of aspens:
Beautiful forestry everywhere!

And the dogs climbed this big pile of rocks. Roxy taking after her new friend Rita.
She's become fearless over the last month, that little Roxy:

For more photos of the past weekend, go here:

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