Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Photo of the Week #42

Digital Photography School, an online photography forum, challenged me to take 10 great pictures within 10 yards of where I was at that moment. So I went outside and snapped this shot of my car in the driveway with the beautiful fall colors on our block.

I've been sick for the last 10 days, coughing and absolutely drained of energy. I canceled most of my plans and have just been sitting around trying to get rid of this stupid virus that seems to like it's unwelcomed resting place. Still coughing... I've been alternating between my black and white teapots. Fortunately we got the back room set up in time for me to play Dr. Mario and relax with a book or movie and the doggies. Most of my weekend looked like this:

Here's hoping for a better weekend this time around. Much love to all you lovely folks reading this. Thanks for reading my silly little blog.


Erin said...

thoes pics are both realy cool! Try adding hot wiskey and lemon to your tea, I heard it works.

Anna Contessa said...

Are you better yet?!