Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Family Photos from Thanksgiving

The newest family member, Genevieve, our relatives David and Sarah's daughter.
She is just so freakin adorable.

Sam, my man, cooked an incredible Thanksgiving dinner. I am so spoiled. :) His band also just released some more music and I am so proud of him. It really is incredible stuff:
Telegram for you sir... take a listen! :)
My brother Robbie (on the right) is in his first year of college and just got offered a full ride to University of AZ next year for baseball!!

Sam with Jenni's dog, Roxy:

My brothers, Robbie and Jonny. Jonny, the one making the funny face, is graduating from AZ State University in 2 weeks with a degree in Broadcasting. He is an incredible video editor and broadcaster. He works with the sports programs at ASU and his videos are featured at main events and online.

My relatives: Sarah and Dave, the proud parents of little Genevieve!

One of my relatives, Kaitlyn. Such a beautiful girl!

And some more family, the beautiful Emily and her mom Jennifer. Jennifer and my mom are cousins.

My twin sister, Jenni. She works for a non-profit that helps teach high school students in low-income neighborhoods financial literacy. She was the lead writer for their curriculum that just got published: FutureProfits. What a difference she's making in the world!

And me posing with the dogs, as a dog.

We went to the Oakland Museum (mostly for the Pixar exhibit which was incredible!)
So much fun. We've also been to Pixar studios in Emeryville together, so it was really inspiring to see all the artwork.
Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings with family and friends!
Now, who's ready to celebrate CHRISTMAS!! ;)

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