Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We went to Wilco at the Wiltern last night, getting there early so we could be in the front "floor" section. We found ourselves 5 ft. from the stage, allowing for some pretty awesome photographs, thanks to my camera looking enough like a point-and-shoot with the little 50mm lens on it for them to allow me to take it in.

The show was incredible. One of my favorite bands to see live, they are just so real and pleasant. I still can't believe how close we were...

Jeff Tweedy cheering on the Los Angelinos.

This was my second time seeing them. They played for about 2.5 hours. It is such a surreal feeling going to shows, especially when the music is something that can speak to your soul.

Smashing a pillow on the keyboard can sound amazing.

Crazy hair!

More lensbaby pics from the weekend.

The temptations of youth!

Ricky Del Mar

Tony Del Mar

Picnic at Laguna Beach

Monday, June 08, 2009

My neice, Audrey, with new nephew, Lukas. :) So adorable.

Finished Quilt #4

After a year of work (moved really slow on this one...), I finally finished quilt #4, for my friend Erin's baby Carol. Here's the result:

Here's some pictures of the other quilts I've made...the only one I don't have a picture of was the first one I made for my niece Audrey. I'll have to get a picture of that. These quilts were made for Treydan Green and Toni Del Mar:

Lensbaby Photos and Phoenix (the band)

Phoenix just came out with their new album, "Wolfgang Amadeus." I am so into it. I've been listening to it for the past few days and the more I listen, the more I love it. I would say it's a must-buy for your music collection. Phoenix is a band from Paris, France. Their album "It's Never Been Like That" is one of my all-time favorites. They used to be the backup band for Air, another France duo that does some sweet electronic music. I'd suggest checking out Air's first album, Moon Safari.

Here are some lensbaby photos:

I just made these new curtains: