Friday, June 24, 2011


Disclaimer: If you want to scroll down to the local music info section of this blog, instead of listening to my contemplative life thoughts about music, I won't judge. The good stuff is below the microphone pic...

Music has always been extraordinarily fascinating to me. It can change my state of being in a matter of minutes, or even a few words. There are several bands that have had a huge impact on my life: Ryan Adams (as I'm typing I'm watching his music videos on, Band Of Horses and Phoenix are a few. Then certain songs, like Barber's Adagio for Strings, or one of my dad's favorites Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony, that can bring an overwhelming sense of emotion.

I'm married to an incredibly talented drummer. I'm so proud of my husband and the bands he's been in over the last decade... the way he's grown as a musician and pursued his passion regardless of the cost. I wouldn't suggest it to most, but it is surely inspiring.
sam at ER center for the  arts

The state of the music industry saddens me, how something so amazing goes unnoticed or unseen because of the lack of money. But maybe that is what pushes people to find that incredible sound, that moves people and expresses what we try so hard to explain with words. I'm thankful for all the musicians out there that contribute with a relentless passion. There may not be any monetary success, but there is a lasting creation that reaches the soul... priceless.
Time for tips: This summer there are a bunch of awesome shows. I'm hoping to go to KCRW's Summer Nights series tomorrow night in Pasadena, where a band I just discovered recently, Motopony, will be playing. :) Check out the KCRW link to see all the free shows going on this summer.
Telegram has a free show (free before 10pm, starts at 9:30) this Wednesday night at Club Moscow. Bring your best dance suit and get your groove on. Should be a rad show.
There's also free shows going on downtown Friday through Sunday nights at Grand and 4th St.
Later this summer, Sam and I are going to a Hollywood Bowl show with a bunch of amazing bands that I've been completely enjoying lately: TV on the Radio, Warpaint, Panda Bear, and Arctic Monkeys. I'm already too excited about it and need to chill out since it's pretty far away.
Well, all this talk about music, seems like it's about time for a music video...
Here's Motopony's "King of Diamonds"

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
-Aldous Huxley

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC 2011: last post.

I took far too many photos this trip, so I decided to post an album with all the photos on facebook here:
And just a couple more of my favorites along with this post:

JK_Yankees game.CR2



JK_Bronx zoo.CR2


go green.CR2


manhattan skyline.CR2

shoes on a wire.CR2

see no evil.CR2

piscado muerto.CR2

williamsburg panorama


old bridge central park

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NYC 2011: West Manhattan

We started off Saturday with a quick roof-top stop. Beautiful views!

Jenni and I both like to take lots of photos...

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market:
A colorful park of bright air toys in celebration of the opening of the second section of the Highline, which is an aerial greenway through the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.
Here are some photos from the Highline, section 2:

I loved getting the shot of this couple below:

Telegram "Sleeping In" music video

New (amazing) music

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


(at Ninja NY, my sister took this photo using the LensBaby lens)
So I finally broke down and joined Twitter, mostly because of a blog I read on the benefits of photographers having a Twitter account. Digital Photography School (DPS) got me again.
If you feel like following me, please do! @LadyInLA

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NYC 2011: Grand Central

Here are a few pictures from the Grand Central Station, built in 1913.
I love living in L.A., but one of the biggest differences in N.Y. that I like is how you can walk or take the subway all around town. Public transit for the win!

Monday, June 13, 2011

NYC 2011: Central Park

I took a last minute trip to see my sister in New York City. It was her first time visiting and she was going to explore the city by herself, so Sam prompted me to go with her. It was wonderful. We haven't done a trip together in almost a decade. This was my 4th time to the city, but Jenni even taught me a few things about the subway system. ;)
Mr Duck:
Here are a few pictures from our first morning there as we walked through Central Park, after eating the most delicious scones ever from Alice's Tea Cup.

Here's Jenni:
y la tortuga:

Bees scare me... but also sort of fascinate me...

This is the oldest bridge in Central Park:


My cousin Heidi is having a baby girl, Lillie Jane. And I made this little owl for her named "Hootenanny!"

A couple things I would have done differently:
1. Use a smaller crochet hook, and crochet tighter so the filling doesn't show through.
2. Put more weight at the bottom of the bird so it could stand upright.
3. Stop the neck 2 rows shorter, so there wouldn't be as much wobble room for the head.
4. Attach eyes before stuffing head (which was in the directions, but I must have missed that part...).

But overall, I think she turned out ok.