Friday, September 13, 2013

My brother's wedding!

My brother got married on May 4th. SO CRAZY!! I'm so happy for him and his wife, Hillary. Here's some pics of their joyous occasion:

And a link to more pictures:

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

2013 Review in September

So after 4 months of crunch time at my work, I finally have a chance to breathe. Of course, I spend the time editing photos and writing a blog; I suppose it's therapeutic. I have so much to catch up on, it's a trip. I enjoyed being so productive, but now that the 12-hour work days are over, the adrenaline is dying down and my body is in a bit of shock. Anyway, I suppose there will be several blogs over the next week or two, but here is a general overview of some highlights over the last 8 months (with the exception of my brother's wedding, which deserves a post in itself)!

My father-in-law, niece and nephew with 3-week-old Chet:

Chet's first playdate with a friend's baby, Addie. I think they like eachother...

Renee has come a couple times throughout the summer!

And a couple Getty visits as well... wine and snacks, art and gardens.

Lots of fun with Danny B

And a spring break visit from our inlaws. 
It was so special to see Audrey and Lukas' first time at the beach!

Last but not least, Chet's first plane ride to the bay area included a beautiful visit to Santa Cruz. 
What a gorgeous day!