Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Road trip, day 4: Golden Gate Park, boating in Stow Lake and riding the 6-person bike.
This day was a lot of fun. Jenni, Jonny, and Jonny's friend David came along. We went on a peaceful, beautiful boat ride around Stow Lake, and then went a little crazy on the 6-person bike. At one point, the sissies got off and let the boys ride the bike down the hill several times. It's always fun til someone gets hurt... which was Sam, the rebel of the afternoon. As we were nearing a corner, everyone in the cart realized we were going to hit this pole so we all flipped out a bit and yelled at Sam to "slow down!" As he makes the tight turn, he says "That's not necessary." And as he finishes the word, runs the driver's side of the bike straight into the pole, smashing his foot and the bike pedal. I'm actually surprised he didn't break his foot as he was hobbling around for a good long day, but at least it all made for some good fun and humor.

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Jenni said...

love those pics.