Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nevada City, CA

I realized that before I post all these New York pictures, I should probably catch up with myself and post the rest of the road trip pictures from 2 months ago. It's terrible that it's taken me so long, but I'm rarely on this laptop, and that's the one with all the photos since we take it along on trips. I know, lame excuse. Anyway, here's a post of our time in Nevada City...

Road Trip, day 6-7: Nevada City

We spent some time at our friend's house in Nevada City. It is an incredible little town, I had no idea! The downtown is just a few blocks but everything there is really neat. We ate some great food, hung out at the local coffee shop and went off-roading to get to the river.

The second day, we went to our friend's uncle's house where we pet their horses and walked around the forest.

Quinn, the massive black stallion.

Later we saw some neat art at his cousin's loft, and had some more great food downtown. It was really a great visit and I hope to go back to this little hippie town some day.

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