Monday, August 01, 2011

Thank you, Banksy!

Banksy: I Hate Mondays

collaborative chapel
This is a collaborative piece by Banksy and about 30 other people.

Courtesy of Banksy, a world renown street artist, the MOCA exhibit "Art in the Streets" is free on Mondays. It's a bit of a line, but definitely worth the wait!
Waiting line

I went last Monday and it was seriously an incredible exhibit. It's only open til August 8th (next Monday), so check it out while you can. It is at the MOCA: Geffen Contemporary (near Central and 1st). Cut your class, ditch work, and head downtown because my pictures won't do the show justice. You won't be disappointed.

Shepherd Fairey:
shepherd fairey

Os Gemeos:
Os Gemeos


Andre, a french graffiti artist


This piece was really incredible:

And another neat installment:

The rest of the photos I took can be found here:


Erin said...


Britt Warner said...

Really cool! I might need to play hookie for this...

Kristin said...

If you do decide to go next Monday, go EARLY! At 3pm today there was a line several blocks long, probably over an hour wait.