Friday, September 09, 2011

Inspiration Point, Santa Barbara

After camping in Santa Barbara, Sam and I took the trail to Inspiration Point in Santa Barbara. Two "Inspiration Point" hikes in 2 weeks!

This hike is at the end of Tunnel Road in Santa Barbara. You take the paved Edison Rd for about a mile, and look for the Jesusita trail sign.
tree from cliffside

wooden bridge

trail sign

You follow this trail to the left and look for a narrow trail farther up the trail on your left. If you miss it, you will climb the mountain to the top and see this view:
view from first hilltop

We went back down to the trail we missed and eventually came to the creek crossing:
water crossing


It was beautiful and you can rock scramble up the creek to eventually get to the Three Pools, which is probably about a mile up the creek. If you cross the creek and continue on the trail, you climb the mountain to get to Inspiration Point.

There is some shade, but this hike is pretty difficult on a hot day:
mountains of SB
shady trail IP

turquoise lizard

When you get to a minor intersection, take a left to the fire road, and you'll end up at the view point:
inspiration point view

Panorama view:
inspiration point SB panorama

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