Friday, February 17, 2012

LACMA, Pacific Standard Time

LACMA's current exhibition right now is part of the Pacific Standard Time exhibitions going on in Los Angeles, to bring attention to some of the amazing art/architecture/etc. that has developed on the west coast. Here are some of my photos from the exhibit. We went the weekend after we saw the Eames house in the Palisades.
So I'll start off with the picture of the Eames living room at LACMA:
The display is set up exactly how it was at their home. All the furniture was their design.

Below is a picture of Ray and Charles Eames in this sitting area being delightful hosts:

 And the rest of the exhibit was equally as fascinating. It started out with a delightful Airstream trailer:

Love this shot:

Graphic prints:

Old photographs:
(in the pictures below you can see the amount of development in LA (specifically an intersection on Wilshire) from 1922 to 1930)

LOTS of amazing furniture!
Various architectural draftings and floor plans:

A Studebaker:

Some Julius Schulman photographs:

It was an incredible exhibit. I highly recommend going before they change it out! And right now on the weekends, they're showing the Metropolis exhibit in the bottom floor of the building across from this exhibit, which I'll have to post some pictures of as well. Can only do so much in a single post, though... ;)

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