Thursday, September 17, 2009


Phoenix was phenomenal. They are one of my favorite bands, from Paris, and it was just such a treat to see them live in Los Angeles at the Greek Theater. They started the show playing 3 of my absolute favorites. The last song they played, everyone was screaming along: "Falling, falling, falling, falling"... (This is the song they sang on the tonight show on Sept 15th: Everyone was dancing and singing along, standing the whole show. The show flowed great, not a lot of down time. I've known of them for about 3 years and was super excited to finally see them. Definitely a great experience.

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this kid said...

great shot! i missed them when they were here a few weeks ago. love wolfgang amadeus. have you listened to the fences remixes?

friendly fires one is growing on me:

summer of glaciers's one is the direct opposite of that one.