Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discovering Mid-Century Modern, Part 2

highlight on Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler

Another famous architect of this era is Richard Neutra. Many of Neutra's homes and his current family-run (by his son and partner, Dion) foundation can be found in Silverlake near the Silverlake Reservoir. More specifically, you can drive by some of his designed homes: the VDL house at 2300 Silver Lake Blvd, or 'the Colony' on Neutra Place and Earl St.

Another blog that I frequent did a few beautiful posts on one of Neutra's homes in Texas built for George Kraigher, a Pan Am pilot. He designed this home that just recently got restored back to it's original condition. Here is a before and after picture, courtesy of

Next architect: Rudolph Schindler
I recently was able to go visit the Schindler house in West Hollywood with my coworker Jessica. (my photo while outside)
It was interesting, but if you visit, go Friday afternoon between 4-6pm, when it's free. It's not worth the $18 you would normally have to pay to visit. Very low ceilings throughout made the place feel a bit cramped, but the linear designs throughout gave a serene feeling of simplicity and the concrete floor and bathrooms brought in a pleasant industrial feeling.

Schindler was an Austrian/American architect who was known for being able to successfully work within tight budgets, using warm materials, and making interesting yet complex floor plans. Here is the Lovell Beach House in Newport Beach: beautiful specimen!
Here is one of Schindler's houses for sale in Silverlake. If only I had a million dollars!

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