Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bathroom

So the original bathroom had to have the tub cut in order to fit in the small space. The sink was also overlapping the tub and the toilet was too close to the doorway.
Here's some pics of the demo work. I did a lot of the demo in the bathroom. Using a crowbar and ripping tiles off is a whole lot of fun:
There was no way around it, we had to expand the space somehow. Here are some pictures from the same angle: demo (A) to replacing termite-infested floor boards (B) to the basic set up (C):My friend Meg, testing out the toilet... sort of...We chose to build a shower. Here's our contractor (Sam's cousin) Brian, in the frame of the shower:...and get a clawfoot tub. I'm really stoked about how it turned out.
We are hoping to get a glass door for the shower, but it is quite pricy. So for now, a shower curtain will do...
Kitchen should be coming next, but not for a few weeks. Still working on getting it set-up, but most of it is in place. And we finally have a fridge! Yes!!

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