Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Photo of the Week #19 and exhibit...

There were so many good photos this week, it was hard to choose my favorite. This was it though. It seems quite epic. This is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) building on La Cienega. I've always loved this building when driving by, and wanted to photograph it. This past Saturday, Sam and I came here because of an exhibit, which happened to be at their other location (8949 Wilshire, Beverly Hills). At least the misunderstanding of the location allowed me to take some sweet photos.

The exhibit was amazing! It's 2 exhibits at the same location and it's FREE. Two amazing revolutionaries: One is the Chuck Jones exhibit, who is the creator of all WB animation from the 60's (yes, wiley coyote, elmer fudd, bugs bunny, pepe le peu, tweety, the whole gang!). So if you've ever watched these cartoons growing up, you'd appreciate seeing some of the original artwork. He also created the Grinch, Tom & Jerry, Horton hears a Who, and others. The second exhibit is Ray Harryhausen, who is the creator of stop-motion animation, or as it was called then, "dynamation". Such movies from the 60's as Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad, Clash of the Titans, Gulliver, even Elf in 2003. His contribution to motion picture and animation is extraordinary. It is going on now through August 22nd, and I would definitely recommend checking it out. It's amazing that this is free to the public. Take advantage of what Los Angeles has to offer!

The Idyllists are playing tonight at 10pm at the Hotel Cafe. Come join in on the fun. Here's a video from their road trip to sxsw:

And a little hello from Rita, on a lazy Sunday afternoon:

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