Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Photo of the Week #41

I've been sick all week. :( But managed to go on a 9.5-mile hike last Saturday (pictures next week) and celebrate Sam's birthday by going to some landmarks downtown. We went to the Los Angeles Public Library, Bradbury building (picture below), and the new Marriott building. I'll post some more pictures on that next week as well, but for now, please enjoy the picture of the week:

The Bradbury Building was designed by George Wyman, who was the lowly draftsmen of a successful architect at the time. He was reluctant to take the job, but decided otherwise after a Ouija board experience, which he believed was his dead brother's way of telling him to take the job. This was his only claim to fame, but it is a good one! Such an incredible building, it has been in several movies and was built to be "futuristic, for the year 2000!" It is a beautiful building and I've been wanting to see it for years, so it was pretty exciting.

I also hired a friend who's a chef to give Sam a cooking lesson for his birthday! They made steamed mussels/clams, stuffed mushrooms, and creme brulee! Incredible. Truly a fun week, despite the terrible coughing.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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