Monday, November 22, 2010

Mt. Zion loop, Chantry Flats

I've been to Chantry Flats several times, but have never gotten to do this loop. I was thinking it was the 6.5 mile loop that I had heard of, but when I looked it up after the hike, I realized we must have missed a turn somewhere and were tackling the 9.5-mile hike called the Mt. Zion loop. Fortunately, we still got back in just enough time that Jenni made it to her friend's wedding on time.
It was Jenni, Courtney and I, and 5 dogs: Rita and Bo, Annie and Harvey, and Jenni's pup Roxy.
The hike was incredible! Totally beautiful, shady most of the time. Colorful leaves everywhere and crossing a creek from time to time. A couple campgrounds along the way. Every mile had something great to experience.

There was a perfect breeze as well, not too strong or cold. The temperature was just right.

I would suggest taking a look at a map before you go. You hike about a mile down to a bridge and follow the trail on the left. After a few miles, you go through Hoegee's campground, cross a creek, and then come to a junction where you stay to the right. You will be going clockwise, taking Upper Winter Creek Trail, Mt. Zion Trail, Sturtevant Trail, and the Gabrielino Trail. Here is a map of the Chantry Flats area:
If I remember right, it took us about 4.5 hours.

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Erin said...

what a beautiful hike! Looks like the doggies had a blast!