Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chantry Flats: Sturveyant Falls

I've been on this hike several times, but this is the first time this waterfall was so full. We had some friends from AZ visiting this weekend and we took them here.
It's a great hike, about 4 miles round trip and not too difficult, but stunningly beautiful. There's also so many different trails to try in Chantry Flats. I've done Sturveyant Falls 3 times and Mt Wilson once, and I've been down to the junction of trails a separate time. I'm so glad the fires from last year didn't touch the majority of this area.
(I think this is my favorite picture from the hike)

This trail is off the Santa Anita exit of the 210 fwy. Go north a couple miles to the bottom of the canyon, then continue up the hill for several miles until you reach the parking lot at the end of the road. It is $5 to park here, and you can get this $5 "Adventure Pass" (or $30 for the year) at any REI or other sports/recreation stores. Or they have a little snack shop nearby the parking lot, where you can also get the pass.

(picture taken by Sam...outhouses are revolting)

(mosquito caught in web)

(Rita refused to smile for the picture)


(mule train)

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