Thursday, May 06, 2010

Adrieanna's Day

Adrieanna turned 30 this past Tuesday. She is an amazing friend that I've known since highschool who has been there for me through thick and thin. We decided to surprise her for her birthday and take her out. A bunch of her friends even got in on it and made "fake" plans to keep her busy for the day, or free for us.
(me, Jenni, Adrieanna, Candace)

We all got pedicures (I hadn't gotten one in 3 years, and my toenails were finally healed from the Narrows hike last year, very exciting), and then we went antiquing in South Orange. This is the coolest antiquing mecca I've been to. My sister Jenni used my camera to take most of these pictures, but I went in and edited them in photoshop. I thought a lot of them ended up turning out a bit creepy, so I took advantage of that in some of the photos. I'll post some below, but here are all the photos from that day: And a shout out to Adrieanna, for all the love and support she has brought her family and friends throughout the years, and many more years to come.
I love you!

(photos by Jenni, edited by Kristin - the twins!)


Anna Contessa said...

Happy b-day Adrieanna! Great pics! :-)

Jenni said...

Amazing! We really gotta start a photo business together. :)