Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Today is my birthday, but I've been celebrating all weekend. Friday night I went to see Andrew Bird at the Largo.
This guy is awesome. Kinda spastic and moves around a lot, but still manages to keep the most meticulous timing as he programs loop after loop to create music that sounds like a full orchestra up on stage. He is incredible. This show was kind of unique because it was all either his really new unreleased stuff, stuff he was still working through, or his really old music. It was a wonderful show, despite the middle when I was trying to keep awake. The music is such an incredible serenade and sometimes made me a bit sleepy. Anyway, I would definitely suggest Andrew Bird's most recent album "Noble Beast."

Saturday, Sam made me a most wonderful breakfast croissant. Best yet! And then treated me to a full day of activities including:
a hike (I'll do a more detailed post on the hike tomorrow),
wine, cheese & crackers with truffle honey & jam, and grapes on the beach.... yeah....
and we got to see Iron Man 2 and the Tomorrow Show (a midnight comedy show) with some friends. It was a packed but relaxing day, and one of the best birthday celebrations yet.

Sunday we worked on the house all day and then had some friends over for cake and drinks that night. That was also fun. We got to show off some of Rita's tricks. Her most recent is to play dead when we say "bang!", and she's getting quite good...
She's gotten much faster and dramatic about it. It's so awesome. I'll try to post a video. :)
Anyway, thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I'll post some shots of the hike tomorrow.

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Anna Contessa said...

Rita is a dear one!