Wednesday, May 18, 2011

San Jacinto Peak

This past weekend we went to Palm Springs to hike the San Jacinto Peak. On the way, a squirrel decided to commit suicide using my car. I felt terrible. It ran right for my tires and after I heard the little "thump-thump," I looked in my rear view mirror and it's tail was sticking straight up as if to salute me. So sad.
Anyway, we started the hike around 9:30am, after the 10-minute tram ride.

We didn't make it to the peak because there was too much snow.

But we still hiked about 8.5 miles. We stopped at Wellmans Divide for some lunch. Above is the 180-degree view, and below was the view while we ate. Spectacular! We were above the clouds!

It's hard to tell from this picture, but the view behind us was one of the most divine. Mountains upon mountains, from pine tree forests to rocky inclines to desert below.

If you click on the panorama below, you can see the tram cables in the middle of the picture.

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