Monday, December 05, 2011

Hollywood Sign hike

 (this is the panoramic view at the top (turn-around point) of the Hollywood sign hike)

HOLLYWOOD sign hike:
As I've been trying to get back into the swing of things, I've totally neglected posting all the awesome pictures I've had the privilege to take over the last month. I'll start with a short one to get the ball rolling. I think this hike was back in October; it's a bit touristy but definitely fun to do.

There was a beautiful morning fog over the city. This is Griffith Observatory and Downtown LA:

You climb around the backside of the mountain and see a view of the valley and Forest Lawn Cemetery (which is actually quite a beautiful place to visit).

At the top you can see the Hollywood Reservoir:

I went with my friends Rebecca and Joe:

...and Hillary, and of course Rita.

We got some shade on the way back down:

And the Hollywood sign, of course!

This hike starts at the end of Beachwood Canyon Drive in Hollywood. You park at the Sunset Ranch. There is a lot with an obvious trailhead. But take a look at the map before you go. It can be kind of confusing. You'll follow the trail and take a hairpin Left on Mulholland Hwy, and then a Right on Mt Lee Dr.This paved trail leads to the tower (in the picture above) and behind the sign. I've decided that if I ever want to get arrested, I'll do it by climbing the fence and hanging out on the sign til policeman have to come drag me away. What a great story that would be! :)

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