Thursday, December 08, 2011

Wildwood Canyon Hike

And so arrived the day after Thanksgiving where most people work off that turkey by shoving through dazed and confused shoppers at the mall. Instead, since I had punished my stomach by over-eating the day before, I decided to give it some loving by finding a new hike. I looked up suggestions from a few fellow hikers over at and found out that Wildwood Canyon Park in Glendale has a great "leg-buster" hike for a total of 4 miles round trip and ~2000 ft elevation gain. It's a great workout with beautiful views and is super close to my house. It also only takes about an hour and 45 minutes. I tried it out and loved it so much that I came back Sunday with my cousin Nikki and Tuesday for a night hike with my friends Cory and Hillary. Here are some pictures I took along the way(s):

This is probably my favorite picture, a panorama of the Verdugo Mountains (with the lovely Rita, of course):

This is what the trail looks like most of the way... climb, climb, CLIMB!

A view from the top, the trail goes aaaall the way back down to near that grassy area on the right:

 At the top you can see the other side of the mountain (Montrose and the Angeles mountains)
and all the towers along the fire road at the top:

...halfway back down (that's the tower at the top!)

Sunset hike, you can see downtown in the distance:

My cousin Nikki!

The turn-around point at the top:

My first night-time hike, wearing my headlamp:

We saw several pairs of eyes in the dark, mostly deer.
Luckily I had company, Cory and Hillary:

This hike is halfway up Harvard Rd. in Burbank. There is a parking lot at the bottom of Wildwood Canyon Rd. and you keep taking the trail all the way up til you see a trail sign on the left. You can take this trail all the way up to the tower, or you can keep going straight and take a loop back down to the paved Wildwood Canyon Rd. And there you go! Check it out if you live in the area.

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