Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adventures in Instagram: Places

We'll start at my home: Eagle Rock. Oh, how I love this city. This hill is a short distance (3/4 mi walk) from my home and always allows for breath-taking views.

Let's go to Swork Coffee!

And then to Forest Lawn:

Downtown for a Kings game!

All the way to Pomona for a show in a dive bar...

 ...nah, let's head back to LA!

Silverlake Lounge in Silverlake for some salvation!

YAY! I love LA!!

Potato Chips on Beverly (West Hollywood/Mid-town)

On over to Santa Monica, the Misfit Bar:

And nearby, the Pacific Palisades has the incredible Eames house:

Ah, the Pacific!

Back up to the valley for the LA Zoo:

And on over to the west valley where I work in Woodland Hills. Here is a nearby park:

And the mountains surrounding it:

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