Friday, April 06, 2012

Trip to Cambria

Sam and I took a nice relaxing trip to Cambria in February. (The Cambria winery apparently has nothing to do with the town itself, as it was several hours away, but it was a great stop for the trip). It was really nice to not have an agenda and just relax and eat a lot of great food. During the trip we partied with the Johnson's in Ventura, hiked in Santa Barbara (post below!), went to Hearst Castle (post below!), saw the Elephant Seals, also did some antique shopping in Cambria and ate LOTS of Ollalieberry pie (@ Lynn's, a necessary stop if you're ever driving up the coast). We ended the trip with a couple wine tastings the way back. Cambria and Kenneth Volk (our favorite wine was from KV). It was purely delightful!

We saw some wild turkeys!

Here's the Ollalieberry pie. Oh, so good.

Amazing beach views at Moonstone Beach:

And the elephant seals!


This is a rock at Morrow Bay, and there may be some hiking to return to...
And we'll definitely need to return to tour more of these amazing wineries!

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