Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Echo Mountain

My week off of work has been nice. I have been mostly painting the hallway today and yesterday, cleaning and organizing a bit too. And when I'm not motivated to do something I just relax. It's quite nice and the time seems to fly by. Tomorrow I'm planning on hiking the Boney Mountain trail with my friend Michelle.

On Sunday I hiked up to Echo Mountain. This is one of my favorite hikes, I really should do it more often. It's a great workout with a remarkable reward at the top. The trail is about 2-3' wide the whole time, which means the dogs do better on the leash. Round trip it totals just under 6 miles and takes about 2.5 hours. It's at the top of Lake Ave. in Pasadena. Here are some pictures from the hike:
The view from the top of Echo Mountain (the ocean was beautiful!)
The ruins are of this house, that was burned down.
There was a railway that went from this house down to Pasadena:
The ruins:

This panorama didn't turn out that great as I don't have my software for panoramas with me, but you can get the idea pretty well:

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