Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo of the Week #55

This has been a full week! Over the 3-day weekend, we got a hike in, more housework in, and a relaxing sunset walk with the dogs by the Eagle Rock, pictured below:
I had some friends over Monday evening to play Dr. Mario. More victims subject to my mild addiction. Mwaa ha ha ha haa!

On Wednesday, our block lost power for about 6-7 hours. It is amazing how useful electricity is! Well, in the midst of this, our neighbor, Roland, called the police. I'm assuming it was in order to notify them about the outage, but I think he somehow ended up talking about his inactive WWII memorial grenade. This turned into firemen and policemen swarming outside of my house at around 7pm (during the power outage) and investigating. They decided to evacuate everyone within a few houses while the bomb squad safely removed the inactive grenade. I was really stressed out because I was evacuated so quickly that I only had my keys and phone. No time to get the dogs, my wallet, or even lock the door. We didn't know how long we would be standing outside in the cold (we found out later that it ended up being about 2 hours), so I left with Sam to go to his show that night. I felt so uncomfortable leaving everything in that state, but when we got back at 1am, the lights were back on, the dogs were fine, and everything was in its proper place. Still it was a crazy night.

Today, I got to do yoga on the lunch hour! Our wonderful new HR director, Melissa, decided it would be good for us desk-sitting folk to have a complimentary 8-week yoga course. It felt wonderful and peaceful to stretch and breathe and balance. I loved it! I then had a scoop of my very favorite ice cream, Baskin Robbin's February flavor: Love Potion #31... And also started the calorie counter app again this week (just to make sure I'm not eating more calories than I'm burning throughout the day). Later on today, after work, a group of previous and current coworkers are getting together to reunite because our friend Dallas, from Kansas, is visiting for GDC (Game Developer's Conference). So it's turning out to be a wonderful day indeed!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. May your sense of humor thrive and tension level diminish! Take care. :)

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