Sunday, February 06, 2011

House Update February 2011

This weekend has been a serious Santa-Ana-wind-causing-allergy-attack weekend. But despite going through rolls of toilet paper and getting very little sleep, I still managed to go to a rooftop concert overlooking the downtown LA buildings, celebrate 2 birthdays, go on a hike, cheer on my friend running a half-marathon, and work on the house a bit. Here is an update on the house:

A hello from Rita and Bo:

The hallway isn't finished, but we finally installed the laundry, and Sam made this awesome chalkboard!
The office area is still under construction:
The back bedroom is basically finished (closet is all that's left):
Sam refinished the hardwood floors himself by watching youtube videos. They look great!
We put up a clock in the dining room:
And made a seat cushion for the bay window:
We are currently putting up new siding. This is the old siding:
And the new in progress:
Hooray for owning a home! Loads of fun. :)

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