Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW update #2: Saturday

(Meg and Me in Santa Fe, 1st night's stop)

There are too many good photos to decide which to post, so this might be a tough post to write. The trip was amazing though, and since we were caravaning back, we decided to drive the entire 22 hours in one shot. All home safe and sound.

Downsides of the trip include a speeding ticket (darn turbo engine...), Sam losing his phone, and Meg getting a rock crack in her windshield. First battle wound to her new mini cooper:

Not to mention Meg and I both being sick just about the entire trip... But overall the road trip was amazing. I didn't think I'd like SXSW and Austin as much as I did. I guess I didn't know what to expect, but it was freakin' so much fun. I would definitely go again.

So the list of bands that I saw on Saturday were quite a lot, most you probably won't recognize (I only knew of a couple since a few weeks ago): Children Collide, Codeine Velvet Club, Happy Hollows, Henry Clay People, The Idyllists, Allo Darling, Smokey Angle Shades, Doll and the Kicks (who recently toured with Morrissey), and Until June. These bands were all amazing. It is just a shame when I see all this amazing talent that is unknown to most of the world.
My favorite shows this day were Codeine Velvet Club (really great music, playing the Palladium supporting Metric this Friday $30/ticket, their new CD is released April 6th), and Doll and the Kicks (really great live show...I'll probably be going to their acoustic show at the York tomorrow (Wed) night, since it's down the street from my casa and free. They also have several shows in L.A. including the Bootleg Theater in Silverlake).

Anyway, on to the band photos from Saturday. I will have to post more, but this is a good start... (Feel free to comment on your favorites! I'm always curious to see what people like)

Children Collide:

Codeine Velvet Club:

Doll and the Kicks:

Until June:


Erin said...

Wowo!!! these shots are AMAZING@! The one of the girls shoes is my favorite!

tangalang said...

You were at SXSW too! A few of my friends were there. Did you see Broken Bells play, by any chance? :) Great shots! Also love the one of you and your friend up top. Urban Outfitters catalog, hooooooooo!

Jenni said...

loved the pics. the first one is the best of you and Meg. It's great. And I like the clouds/cross one. Very good. ;) Glad you had fun. Bummed you were sick.